PXE Veggie/Vegan Study

How does a vegetarian or vegan diet affect symptoms caused by PXE?

Diet Concerns With PXE

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I was diagnosed with PXE in 2006 at the age of 49. I went to bed one night and woke up the next day and had color negative vision in one eye. A portion of my retina had been blown away by a major bleed. Three months later, I developed a cataract in my other eye and after the surgery to remove it, started having bleeds in that eye.

I grew up in South Florida, where I had a diet very rich in seafood and fresh fruits and vegetables. At the age of 6 I moved to Houston and then consumed a diet of beef and potatoes and processed foods. In my 20's, I returned to North Florida and lived a very stressful and a labor intensive life. My diet consisted of fast and convienient food, and it seemed like I lived on Pepsi. By the time I was 40 I was suffering from severe osteoarthritis and had chronic widespread body pain. After a car accident I was left with debilitating neck and back pain. Doctors did nothing to help me so I started researching pain and went on an anti-inflammatory vegetarian diet. Exactly three months after starting the diet I woke up blind in one eye. It took the doctors three more months to figure out I had PXE. Since the diagnosis I've tried many different diets and so far the only things I've discovered is there are certain foods that within minutes of consuming them I can see a bleed start in my eye, for example, I seem to have a problem with Omega 3 fatty acids. If I eat something with olive oil I see the bleed start in my eye, if I eat collard greens, I see it start as well. I can eat butter with no bleeds but it fogs my vision out, I can eat the "banned" trans fats with no problem in my eye. I have found that Vitamin C and citrus bioflavonoids lessen the fluid in my eye. This is just a few of the examples I have found with food.

When initially researching about PXE on the web, I read a study that said "proinflammatory cytokines MAY help regulate PXE." So I feel my vegetarian/anti-imflammatory diet may have worsened and inflicted my legal blindness. I now try and eat a balanced diet slightly higher in lean protein. I also had, for many years steroid injections in many different joints, now I just suffer in chronic pain and try to keep the fluid and bleeds to a minimum in my one eye. So is being a vegetarian good? I feel my eyesight was lost due to a vegetarian diet. But we as individuals will all have different experiences with this.


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As  I have said before  I grew  up  in  South  Africa  and  I  followed  a  balanced  diet  until  the  age  of  at  least  18.I was  diagnosed  at  the  age  of 5.At  the  age  of  18  I moved  to  Greece  and  I  followed  a  mediteranean diet .I think I  changed  my  eating  habits  at  around  38 I  am  46  now by  adding  more  processed  food  and  junk  food  because  of  my  heavy  work  programme.I  felt  that  stress  and  fatigue combined  with  too many  dairy  products  and  almost  no  omega 3 in  my  diet  caused  my  first  eye  bleed  last  year.Since  February  2017  I  visit  a dietician  who  insists  on  more  omega3 and  green  veggies  in  my  diet.He  also  advised  omega 3 cod  oil as a  daily  supplement.Surprisingly enough  my  eye  doctor  saw  improvement  in  my  eyes!!I am really  afraid  of  losing  my  eyesight  so  I  am  very  careful with  my  diet.I  trully  appreciate  any  advice  offered!!!!

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