PXE Leg Pain Study

How does exercise impact the pain of intermittent claudication (lower leg pain)?

Walking the pups

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I walk my two dogs about 4 times a day usually at leas 1/2 mile each time.  I didn't notice any difference between when I started and when the leg cramps started.  However, I've always taken a potassium supplement.  I was taking 2 a day NOW I take 4 a day.  two in the morning and two at night.  Taking 4 seems to have helped a LOT and the leg cramps have for the most part stopped.  Just a few times a week, I get the start of a cramp - the worst are in my upper inner thigh and are so bad  that I couldn't walk!    This is one of the most painful parts of PXE.  My eye bleed in July 2016 was scary, the three gastric bleeds in the summer of 2015 were terrifying - but these horrific cramps are painful.


Hope the study helps find what is best to stop them.  Thanks  


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Go see a good vascular surgeon. I have had to have my right leg opened 2 times. I have 2 stents next to my knee. I have my right leg opened once. Watch your calcium intake. I take a vitamin D & E, to help prevent bone loss. Too much potassium is not good for you. Watch your weight i lost 50 pounds. Do not lift anything over 10-20 pounds maximum. My vascular surgeon and my family physician I see regularly. I have an appointment to see my Retnia specialist this month. Anything weird or painful like the leg cramps especially. I have actually had my thigh cramp me in 4 different areas at once. After this is when the Dr. put the last stent beside my knee. I know what you are talking about.

You are in my prayers, God bless you!

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Hi, I agree that exercise helps. For myself, the pain does not go away but does appear to lesson the more I exercise. If I don't exercise, the pain and numbness occurs quicker the next time I start up again. I recently started taking MK-7 (Jarrow Formulas). It is suppose to help with circulation. I Just started so time will tell. 

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