PXE Leg Pain Study

How does exercise impact the pain of intermittent claudication (lower leg pain)?

Vibration Plates

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Increases blood flow and builds bone density

i have used vibration plates at the gym, which I also felt helped.

They increase the blood flow and also increase bone density so I can see this being very beneficial for PXE with the wrongly processed calcium factor.

Despite it not being recommended to reduce calcium there is still a lot of doctors that will tell patients to do it and/or our bodies naturally lead us to limit our calcium intake.  I know I had a calcium reduced diet as a child purely because I developed an aversion to milk and dairy products. Not told to do it or actively chosen, just listened to my body and it felt 'poorly' if I had dairy products.  Spent 5 years+ like that but now have a regular intake with no ill effects.

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