PXE Leg Pain Study

How does exercise impact the pain of intermittent claudication (lower leg pain)?

Has anyone tried compression socks?

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Has anyone tried wearing compression socks to get rid or lower their leg pain in the calf muscles? I know many runners wear compression socks while they run to increase circulation and reduce leg cramps. Has anyone with PXE tried this?


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Question: Has anyone tried compression socks for Vascular Disease in both my upper legs from PXE?

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I have vascular disease in both my upper legs, due to PXE. Can anyone tell me if compression socks would be good therapy?

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I love compression socks. Actually compression wear of all types. But compression socks I find are great to help reduce fatigue in the feet and legs. Espcially for someone on their feet all day. But also for someone who drive alot or flys often. The compression helps increase circulation. If your taking a long flight compression socks help reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis, which can be very dangerous. Blood clots during long flights are somewhat common and compression socks or hosiery are a must in my opinion. But really, anything you can wear that keeps your feet from getting tired is an awesome thing. I love the Therafirm brand because they are easier to get on and off. They also last longer than most other brands.

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