PXE Leg Pain Study

How does exercise impact the pain of intermittent claudication (lower leg pain)?

Statins and Walking

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Walking proven to work for PXE.

I got down to about 70 meters walking before onset of pain.  I was referred to vascular surgeons who diagnoses the intermittent claudification at age 32 despite having the symptoms since early childhood.  Surgeons weren't interested but did refer me to a Chemical Pathologist who started me on statins.  I have been through most of the statins available (Pravastatin, Simvastatin and now Atorvastatin) but have only ever been able to tolerate the lowest doses.  With Atorvastatin being taken at 10mg 3 times a week, as anymore I get accumulative build up of side effects.  When my leg pain continued to increase despite the well managed cholestero, I was seen again by the vascular surgeons who put me in a Nordic pole walking trial.  I had to walk a minimum of 30 minutes 3 times a week for the trial.  The use of the poles increased my cardiovascular rate and produced dramatic improvements in the max distance before onset of pain.  I have continued to walk and saw a continued improvement 2 years running in my ABPI results.  This year I switched my goals and don't walk as often.  My ABPI result shows a decline!  Back to walking for me.  Running is too hard and sounds likely to damage my joints too much.


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I don’t currently used the poles for walking.  I don’t drive so the ones I have are cumbersome to carry around.  I do however maintain my walking using a geolocation game to keep me motivated.  It’s not as effective as Nordic Pole Walking but it is more accessible at any time and place for me.

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