PXE Leg Pain Study

How does exercise impact the pain of intermittent claudication (lower leg pain)?

Work out

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When I work out, especially, walk or run on the traidmill I feel less pain. When I feel the pains I know I miss my workout or I forgot to take my magnesium. I take the daily dose of magnesium and I have no cramp.


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Currently I do not have leg cramps but my extremities like hands and feet go numb when exercising. I find the more I exercise the longer it takes to go numb.

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hi, I am very active. I am 62 years old and run 10 km at least 3 times a week and exercise at the gym 2 nights a week. I get excruituating cramps in lower calf muscles and the Botton of my feet. In fact I cannot point my toes at any time without getting a cramp. I take magnesium every day, but do it know whether it helps or not.

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Hi  Beverely.I  feel  the  same when  I  dont  walk  enough  during  the  week.I  try  to  walk  a  km or  two  a  day  which  I know  is  not  enough  but  it helps  minimize  pain.What  about  eye  issues  do  you  have  any?I  would  like  to  know  about  the  magnesium  youre taking.Thanks in  advance!

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