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Comment on one or both of the following questions.

  • What nutrition and exercise choices do you think make a difference as you live with PXE?
  • What have you been told about nutrition or exercise because of your PXE?

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Share ideas about nutrition and exercise living with PXE.

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Nutrition & Exercise

Mary-Elizabeth Garcia's picture

I try and follow a balanced diet to maintain a healthy weight and keep my blood pressure and cholesteral in check. I have blocked femoral arteries and take Plavix. My main form of exercise is walking. I walk and walk and walk.  According to my vascular surgeon, the walking has enabled my body to "create its own bypass" which assists in my circulation. My left foot still gets numb while walking, usually after one mile. But there was a point where I could not even walk a very short distance without numbness and pain. 

Running hurts!

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I was diagnosed with PXE when I was 5 and have always struggled with my weight. I used to try to get fit by running. I wouldn’t last long because of really severe leg pain. I learned that it was called “intermittent claudication” and it was caused by PXE.