What Is Mosaic?

Mosaic is an innovative process to design medical research studies through crowdsourcing. Traditionally, scientists think of research ideas and design studies that they believe will improve health. But this approach excludes many key people that have insight into the health topic who can serve as important collaborators: patients, caregivers, disease advocacy organizations, policy makers, and more. Mosaic changes this process from start to finish!

Mosaic supports a diverse group of stakeholders with interest in a health topic to collaborate in the design and conduct of medical studies. Mosaic projects are initiated, developed, refined, and finalized through an open crowdsourcing forum among patients, community stakeholders, researchers, and disease advocacy organizations. Mosaic participants post ideas, provide feedback and suggestions, support and note useful resources, and even join the research team. Mosaic participants set the roadmap to design and conduct studies to answer questions that are most important to them.

Medical research is stronger when all voices are heard and valued.

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How Mosaic Works

Get the conversation started. Share your ideas on the Mosaic open forum:

  • What is important to you about this health topic?
  • What questions need to be answered through research on this health topic?
  • “Like” and comment on other participants ideas

At the end of this phase, Mosaic participants will have the opportunity to join a research team.

Research Teams now work together to draft the research plan. But they need your input each step of the way!

  • Give suggestions to make good ideas even better

Participants now:

  • Review the research plan
  • Ask questions

The Research Team conducts the study to get the answers you’ve been waiting for. Stay connected to:

  • See your input and comments put to action
  • Get updates on the progress of the study

The study is now complete! The Research Team with post results and conclusions. All Mosaic participants now work together to make the research have an impact.

  • Share results with your community
  • Publish results in medical journals
  • Write about results in newspapers, magazines, blogs, online media

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