PXE Veggie/Vegan Study

How does a vegetarian or vegan diet affect symptoms caused by PXE?

Balanced - mostly

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When I was a kid we were pretty poor and our diet reflected that.    High carb, high fat foods.    As an adult I've eaten a mostly balanced diet.   Every night there is a carb, a protein and a veg.    I was never a fast food eater, and rarely drink soda.      I had my first bleed at age 42 and am now 54 with multiple bleeds in each eye (treated in the past with Avastin and over the past 2 years with Eyelea).   I test between 20/20 and 20/30 (corrected vision).

If a vegan diet could help I might consider it.   Hopefully there will be a questionnaire rather than just anecdotes that can be studied.


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I am a dissertation editor and I can tell you that I am not so motivated. 

I've tried to eat healthy food but my desire dont't like it. What can you recommend me?

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