PXE Veggie/Vegan Study

How does a vegetarian or vegan diet affect symptoms caused by PXE?

My vegan experience

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I am or was everything a PXE'er should not be.

I smoked, was overweight (still am) and my excercise consisted of lifting the tv remote to change the channel!

I was diagnosed with PXE when I was 23, I am now 41.

I had no adverse symptoms of PXE except my lax skin on my neck, underarms and thighs. I had my first "bleed" in my left eye, with no event, no bump to my head, no falling off a bike etc. After my first, I had a couple more (one in each eye), again, with no accidents or knocks to the head.

I noticed that someone had posted in the chat group that they had became vegan and had not had any symptoms since. I mentally thought that was interesting and thought no more of it. Two years ago, I became vegan myself - thats another story.

All I can say, is since then, I have had no syptoms. No bleeds at all, nothing. My eye appoitments are now 9months apart and I only really go for check up purposes.

I eat fruit, veges, dark chocolate, pizza and wine at the weekends. I make casseroles, stews, mexican food, sushi (vegan of course), curries and everything I eat is very tasty!

I go for more walks and have started pilates - thats my excercise. I truly believe, becoming vegan has almost put my PXE progression on hold.

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