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Is PXE linked to Neurological Issues?

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My mother-in-law who was diagnosed with PXE in 2000 and has lost most all of her central vision was referred to a neurologist with the following symptoms: memory loss, shuffling of feet, fatigue, aching legs, urinary incontinence, etc.  The neurologist has done extensive testing and has not found any diagnosis. Her MRI's show extensive scarring (gray areas) that would be found in a person who has had a stroke or traumatic brain injury.  She has had neither to our knowledge.  Can this be linked to PXE?  Thanks for any help you can give. 


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It is possible.  But I do not know for sure. However, I have PXE and I also have many lesions in my brain that were found out by an MRI. And they have no reasons or causes for these lesions. So, perhaps the PXE because the lesions? We would need to ask a neurological PXE expert

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interesting post, my sister has all of those symptoms too. I had wondered if she had suffered a stroke or TIA, am considering a brain scan now after reading this. Doctors are going down the mental health route which will take forever. It’s possible that a scan may provide the answers?

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