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Progress Update

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Dear JSRDF Community,

Thank you for your patience as we have been preparing all of the data for research analysis.

As a reminder, the community previously helped to identify the following research aims:

  1. To identify early diagnostic features of JS
  2. To characterize clinical manifestations of JS

After organizing and reviewing all of the detailed information provided by members of the community, we have a good idea of what information is available to use to answer these questions. The next steps in producing a research paper include:

  • (1) Creating tables and filling them with the analyzed data;
  • (2) using that data to make graphics that communicate the results; and
  • (3) writing the paper explaining the data in the tables and graphics as well as any important information that did not fit or is better explained with text.

A PDF with all of the tables we are considering is attached with detailed explanations. . But we need your input! The tables below will gather data on developmental skills and sensory and behavior challenges. What do you think of these tables? Are there specific things you think should be included here? How can we make the data the most useful for you? Thank you for sharing your thoughts!

Matthew Smith's picture

Thanks for the input, all, and I agree this is a great addition. I'm showing in our latest data  that 186 responses were registered for this question.

Maura Ruzhnikov's picture

This is a reply to both yours and Josh's comments Brett-- thank you for this suggestion, I like the idea of reporting what methods of communication children were

Brett Elliott's picture

Yes I believe that would definitely be helpful.

Research Plan

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Study Aims and Significance

Matthew Smith's picture

It is going to be exciting to see what can be learned from the aggregated data in JS-LIFE.

Brett Elliott's picture

I think that sounds perfect, can't wait to see how the data adds up!

Maura Ruzhnikov's picture

Hi Josh!

What are your questions on diagnosing and treating Joubert Syndrome?

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Open for Discussion


  • What are unanswered questions about how children and adults are diagnosed?
  • What are concerns about current treatment options?


Susan Friedman's picture

There seem to be alot of behavioral challenges with Joubert's. What I can deteremine and have observed over all of the long years is that, most of those behaviors come

taka's picture

Hi Dana.

Thank you.My son gets the therapy.

Ⅰ did not find children with joubert syndorome like my son .

Dana Knutzen's picture

Hi Taka,

How does Joubert Syndrome impact individuals and families?

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Open for Discussion


  • Is there more information needed about the type of symptoms that occur?
  • How do specific symptoms impact activities (e.g. educational, social, work)?
Brett Elliott's picture

I wouldn't say it is part of Joubert syndrome per say,  it would be more a risk of having a child with low muscle tone in general and adaptive behavior (I.e.

Susan Friedman's picture

Wanted to ask a question that no one can seem to answer.  Our daughter has been having issues (suddenly) with pain in her hips, legs and feet. She has walked with a wi

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