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Research Question: Removing arsenic from the body

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Posted on behalf of Dartmouth College researchers. 

Take a look at the research question below. Is this an important topic to you? Why or why not? Other ideas about this topic?

Proposed Research Question: What are effective ways to help people with celiac disease get the nutrients they need to efficiently remove arsenic from their body?

If arsenic levels are higher in people with celiac disease, this topic will help us understand how can we help decrease these levels while maintaining a gluten free diet.


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How is arsenic being placed in our body by a gluten free diet.  Please explain.  This is the first time i HAVE HEARD THIS.


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iF THIS IS TRUE why have none of my many doctors addressed it.  How long has this been known to be affecting those of us who much follow a gluten free diet.  All of the villi in my body have been destroyed and so I suffer from malabsorption syndrome.  Is that why, if there is arsenic in my body, I am unable to get rid of it  Sorry, but this is the first I have heard of it and honestly it alarms me.

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We need to know what level of arsenic is acceptable and how do we determine how much we have in our bodies. Or we need to know how much is in the food we are eating.

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