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Research Question: Arsenic levels with a gluten-free diet

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Posted on behalf of Dartmouth College researchers.

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Proposed Research Question: Do arsenic levels in the body increase when people start to eat a gluten free diet?

This question will evaluate whether the level of arsenic changes when people switch to a gluten free diet. This will help figure out if diet is a direct cause of changes in arsenic levels.


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How does this happen?  Why are we not warned by our doctors , or are they ignorant of this fact, since I find that most of my doctors know nothing about his condition. I do know that it makes it very hard to keep my sugar levels normal.  Even though I have been wearing a pump for about four years, I still can't  maintain my correct sugar levels.  They are usually too high, like 700 or too low like 18.  Due to neuropathy I am not aware when either thing is happening so I live with my son who alerts me;

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I think it's important to understand the sources of arsenic in the gluten-free diet. Rice? Yes. But HOW are people getting the arsenic through what types of rice? White? Brown? Domestic? Import? The danger is presumably not just cooking rice itself as a side dish to a meal. Most processed gluten-free foods have rice or rice flours in them. Brands like Udi's, Glutino, etc, plus all the other niche products that provide convenience: Baking mixes, shelf-stable cookies, crackers, pastas, microwave meals, you name it....all have rice flours. AND, supplements like protein powders and shakes invariably include rice protein as part of the amino profile. Does arsenic carry through to the protein component? Or does the processing eliminate the arsenic?

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