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Arsenic consumption in children with celiac disease

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I, too, am so happy that this study is being taken on at this level.  This has been an issue that I first read about in 2007 and wrote about in 2013.  I have a daughter with celiac disease and was shocked to calculate that she probably was intaking too much arsenic.  We made changes in our family diet (and water source) and I hope that things remain fine.  But, she has never been tested for arsenic exposure.  I will link to the article I wrote in 2013 (this was published in a blog that I wrote called Gluten Free Family Life that was part of the webpage of a gluten free baking page.  This webpage has been redesigned and the old blog posts are no longer available, so I am linking to my own document).  Please keep me updated on progress and let us know if our family can help at all.  My daughter, husband, and mother in law have celiac disease.  Here is the link to 2013 piece:


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Wow- great article!  


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