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Pleased to see CDF-Dartmouth arsenic study

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The Celiac Community Foundation of Northern California published a three-part series on arsenic in rice for people on a GF diet, including regulatory information, facts, tips and a brand survey.  Our foundation's experience with publishing the arsenic series in 2015 is that most people on a gluten-free diet for medical reasons had never heard of the issue and therefore doubted that there was any significance to it. They were not alarmed and simly didn't believe the information was relevant to them. So it will be very helpful to have a study on the topic by Dartmouth and CDF working together - it will bring much more attention to the issue and hopefully have an impact on FDA's priorities in regulating rice products. Past articles and studies on the danger of arsenic in food only reference people who eat a standard diet, not a gluten-free, rice-based diet. We also found in our survey of 70 major gluten-free brands that most manufacturers are not in a position to source low-arsenc rice for their products, do not have the bandwidth to focus on the issue, and do not plan to make it a priority to test their products for arsenic unless required to do so by consumer demand or regulation. Thank you for involving the patient community in this important topic.

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