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We are excited to launch Mosaic in the Celiac Disease Foundation community. Our goal is for your thoughts and experiences to shape the direction of research. In Mosaic, we ask you to post your ideas about the most important topics we should focus on to treat and cure celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Join us now!


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My grand daughter is 9 years old.  Last year she was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis.  Shortly there after her Thyroid was gone.  Next Celiacs came into play and she is going to have biopsy to confirm.  She is being treated at Duke Hospital in Raleigh.  She was given Enbrell once a week, then she went to every two weeks and last week she went to one shot every three weeks. They are slowly increasing her Thyroid medication.  She had a significant weight gain through this and we are hoping the Synthroid will fix that.  Family history has a lot of auto immune problems.  I am interested in learning anything about celiacs in children.  Thanks.

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I am honestly sorry about your daughters condition and pray that we are able to change this case with our contributions and websites.