AliveAndKickn HEROIC Mosaic

You spoke, we listened. Let’s get to work!

A message from Robin Dubin, Executive Director!

Robin Dubin

Welcome to HEROIC Mosaic, a forum to move research forward for the AliveandKickn community. The plan is to collaborate with AliveandKickn patients, families, supporters, and researchers from across the country to brainstorm projects that can answer the Lynch Syndrome questions that are most important to you.

The HEROIC Registry is a patient-centric database with a lot of important information about Lynch Syndrome. HEROIC Mosaic is a way to use this data to answer your top priority research questions! Be sure to join The HEROIC Registry to participate in the research studies that come from these HEROIC Mosaic discussions.

Here at HEROIC Mosaic, you can comment, ‘like’, and share ideas. Join the discussion now!

Our Researchers