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Mosaic brings people together with different perspectives to design and conduct medical research. Mosaic uses crowdsourcing to develop research studies with input from patients and their families, disease advocates, researchers and healthcare providers.

Medical research is stronger when all voices are heard and valued.


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Next Step: Transform YOUR Ideas into Research Projects!

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Thank you so much for your participation in PXE LAB! We are thrilled to see such a great response from caregivers, families, researchers, and the PXE community. Some common themes came up about nutrition and exercise. The next step is turning these questions into actual research studies!

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Leg Pain Study

Veggie/Vegan Study

Long-term Follow-up Study

Welcome to Mosaic!

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We are excited to launch Mosaic in the Celiac Disease Foundation community. Our goal is for your thoughts and experiences to shape the direction of research. In Mosaic, we ask you to post your ideas about the most important topics we should focus on to treat and cure celiac disease and gluten sensitivity. Join us now!

Progress update: next step ready for your input!

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Thank you so much for your support of this Joubert Syndrome research project! We have been working on doing the data analysis and getting results to you as soon as possible. We want to make sure that we are on target with how we will present the results so that it is clear and covers the most important topics for you. Please view and comment on the detailed progress update of this project. We welcome all comments and ideas.